What does Nairn Want?

Here is information from recent community surveys carried out in Nairn and consultation events involving local people - if you know of any others let us know ...

May 2017 Nairn Nairnshire Community Planning Workshop
A community survey carried out in the same period  has yet to be published

 Nairn BID Next Steps Survey   from a survey in Sept 2017 of local businesses carried out by the local BID ( Business Improvement District) development officer.
The BID will only go ahead if a majority of eligible local businesses vote in favour  in July 2018.
If successful over the next 5 years each business will pay in Nairn's BID a contribution (according to size). This is estimated to raise over £115,000 per year to invest in Nairn and can be used to lever in more funds from public and grant making bodies

NICE Nairn Town Centre Planning survey 2014
This attracted 216 online forms and 90 hard copy surveys completed


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