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Nairn River Community Council provides  a communication channel for local people to raise local concerns with public agencies and planning bodies and the 4 elected local Councillors who represent Nairn at Highland Council. Come to our meetings or contact our members with your concerns.

Nairn District Council, which used to make decisions on public spending for Nairn, at Nairn Town Hall, was disbanded in 1996, so there is no 'local Council' despite rumours to the contrary.

We are seeing more and important decisions which affect our town, being made in Inverness by Highland Council and partners without reference to local communities.  There has been no local  consultation on recent parking charges proposals and  withdrawal of NHS dental services at the hospital.

Community Council volunteer members are expected to  review all local Planning applications and raise issues of community concern. This is why we spend considerable time  discussing these and submitting comments and objections  through the Planning consultation process.

Nairn's  roads, drains, sewerage, schools and other community facilities are under increasing pressure as the town grows,  because public investment in this infrastructure is not keeping pace with intensive housebuilding at Lochloy and elsewhere. We need this to change.

We are also trying to make sure that the expertise, knowledge and experience of local residents informs local plans so that public money is spend properly on our town to meet local needs. Nairn's Community Councils do not currently have a seat at the table at Nairn and Nairnshire Community Partnership which makes decisions on priorities for local community services. We need this to change too.

NRCC does not have a vote at Highland Council but we do have a voice.  And we are  using it.

We have on Monday 6th May sent out a joint letter  with 5  other Nairn community groups
 to  the highest level of Highland Council and the Scottish Government and our elected representatives,
 to complain about inadequate structures in place to support  consultation and involvement of Nairn communities  in local development and community planning matters.
We are concerned that in Highland the principles of the Community Empowerment Act ( 2015) are not being effectively implemented, with potentially damaging effects for Nairn when decisions are taken  without local consultation and due consideration of  local  priorities and needs.
You can read this letter here
Local Decisions and Community Empowerment joint letter May18

On 10th May we sent out a Participation Request to Highland Council to request that Nairn River Community Council and the communities it represents are in future fully consulted on all proposed developments,  and action plans relating to all the Outcomes included in the Highland Outcomes Improvement Plan. , with particular focus on the community engagement and consultation outcomes.
Currently the Nairn and Nairnshire Locality Plan - prioritises local consultation only in the context of children and young people which is a good start, but clearly not enough.
We are hopeful of a positive response from Highland Council, but are aware of the recent refusal of a previous Participation Request submitted by West and Suburban CC in relation to proposed Parking Charges.
You can read our Participation Request here


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