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Happy New Year - it looks like 2018 will be a busy and exciting year for Nairn River Community Council.   We expect  2 planning applications for East Nairn to go live in early January - one for 32 homes on Forres Road  (Morganti land), and another for 115 homes at  Kingsteps (Councillor Liz MacDonald's land) 
As a statutory consultee NRCC will be raising public concerns through objections to further housing development going ahead in East Nairn until current infrastructure problems are resolved (sewage overflows, traffic congestion and water pressure issues at Lochloy, and until the A96 bypass ( currently on hold due a Public Enquiry) is back on track with appropriate distributor roads in the local plan to relieve traffic pressure within the town. 
We will also raise concerns with planners about health and road safety issues on these proposed sites for social housing tenants,  and loss of green space and wildlife habitats. 
It has been confirmed that Nairn has been selected to be a pilot area in Highland for the Scottish Governments new integrated Planning system. We  look forward to  collaborating with other CC's , the people of Nairn and our local authority partners to design and develop the first truly joined up and community led Nairnshire Plan in 2018
We also hope to see recent subsidence problems at the Harbour addressed and funds secured through the new Business Improvement District project to improve our town centre and seafront area to improve amenities for locals and visitors.

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