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Nairn Common Good consultation - Nairn Links Tearoom and Store

Public consultation is now open till 06 January 2021 - on proposals to dispose of two Nairn Common Good Assets  1.the Links Tearoom  - new 30 year lease arrangement proposed   2. the 'Store' former kiosk/shop on Links - proposed for demolition and landscaping (retain power supply) These two properties are part of the Links which is a  Common Good Asset gifted to the people of  the Burgh of Nairn as part of its Royal Charter in 1586 A 12 week consultation period is required for any changes of use or disposals to Common Good Assets and all  residents of the former Royal Burgh of Nairn are entitled to have a say in these  proposals Any changes or disposal to Common Good Assets such as these which are 'inalienable'  will also require an application for formal consent from the Sheriff Court Details of the consultation are below Links Tearoom and Store - Common Good public consultation Nairn River Community Council will be discussing a response with members and will post it h