Public Questions -parking and visitor facilities- to help Nairn Community groups work with Highland Council to improve 2021 tourist welcome

An online meeting was held on 1st September 2020 which brought together representatives of the two Nairn Community Councils ( Nairn River and Nairn West and Suburban) , BID and NICE ( Nairn's Community Development Trust) with 3 of Nairn's Highland Councillors and a number of Highland officers involved with transport and parking, policy, and improvement of tourist welcome facilities(eg toilets, campervans) across Highland. 

For more information on  community groups 'Team Nairn' joined up approach to getting the best for Nairn  see our previous posting on Working Together for Nairn 


  1. Test from nowhere9 September 2020 at 03:13

    C'mon folks, it's your town, do you want parking charges on the Links, Maggot and Harbour or not. Tell the River CC folkies.

  2. This a really a lot to ask feedback on. What is the status with current discussions, are there any actual proposals yet?

  3. Mandy Lawson ( Nairn River CC Secretary)9 September 2020 at 07:22

    No firm proposals yet - Highland Council representatives tabled these suggestions at a recent meeting as something they see as a priority for action -and potential 'earner' for Nairn and THC, but since this is Common Good Land - Nairn residents have the final say. Nairn River Community Council is just doing its job to get the word out and gather feedback from local community early on in the process before any proposals, or action plan is developed.
    In the past with other developments in Nairn this has often not happened - and plans have been well advanced and pretty much decided behind closed doors by Highland Council without any community input, before Community Councils and other local groups have heard about them ( a good example being the current CAB and flats development proposed for the town centre - which was already in the planning system and in the local press, with demolition of the old Police Buildings already agreed and a building warrant approved, before local Community Councils were made aware - with no prior public consultation to shape plans around what Nairn community and businesses want and need in the town centre.

  4. Hi river c c
    For the parking charges I'd prefer no4 on your list please one

    Yes I'm in favour of the campervans parking up and prefer the harbour area .

    As for the toilets I prefer no1 on your list ie tom heggie idea .
    And my preferred option for the holiday lets etc is just leave them alone they are businesses after all trying to make some money

  5. Parking charges
    No parking charges anywhere in Nairn

    Camper Van Parking
    No designated parking for Camper Vans. Car parks in Nairn are not big enough to accommodate these vehicles. If they wish to visit our town, they can use and pay for a pitch at Parkdean.

    Holiday Lets
    Up to individual owners of the properties.


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