Nairn River Community Council back up and running Feb 2020

Nairn River Community Council is now back up and running in 2020 after a year off

Our first meeting was in February (minutes will be posted 10th March once approved)  and the next two public meetings  are Tuesday March 10th  and Tuesday April 14th both at 7 30 at Nairn Community and Arts Centre
Please send your concerns and questions to  or chair@nairnrivercc or contact  any of our 12 newly elected volunteer members, listed below
We represent around 5600 residents of  Fishertown, High Street, Lochloy,  Merryton, Balmakeith, Broadhill, Househill, Queenspark and Mill Road areas .
There is a detailed map here of our patch on Highland Council website
Nairn West and Suburban Community Council represents the rest of the former Nairn 'burgh'

Tommy Hogg ( Chair) 
Hamish Bain (Vice Chair)
Mandy Lawson ( Secretary)
Veronica Mackinnon ( Treasurer)
Steven Bain
Peter Gibson
Ian Gordon
Simon Noble
Paul McIvor
Stewart Stansfield
David Thomson 
Katrina Woods

You will find latest information on our meetings and activities here online, in  the Nairnshire Telegraph and on public noticeboards  at Castle Square, the Library and Community and Arts Centre
We are working hard on improving our communication with the local community to make sure that your voice is heard and that  your views and needs are better reflected in local authority Plans
Please contact members anytime with  your local concerns and  questions and tell us what you think about local housing, infrastructure (roads, drains, sewerage), public services and amenities in the Nairn River area


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