Nairn Community Councils joint meeting next Wednesday 19th December 2018 and slides from community presentation for new Highland CEO 14 Dec

Nairn River Community Council will be holding a joint meeting with Nairn West and Suburban Community Council at Nairn Community Centre on Wednesday 19th December from 7pm
This will be primarily a social meeting to review 2018. We will also  feed back on a community visit from Donna Manson the new Highland Chief Executive held last Friday 14 December
At this event around 30 representatives of Nairn  communities shared with Mrs Manson the Nairn perspective on key current issues for local communities and their vision for greater community empowerment and improved collaboration and engagement with Highland Council in the interests of Nairn
Here is the Powerpoint presentation  which was shared with Mrs Manson on 14 December at the Centre
It includes contributions from a wide range of Nairn community organisations and interest groups


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