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Local consultation in plans and decision making for Nairn

In case you'd like  to know what Community Councillors do between meetings ( apart from reading about ourselves in the Nairnshire and on social media....) we have been quite busy since April

We have on Monday 6th May sent out a joint letter  with 5  other Nairn community groups
 to  the highest level of Highland Council and the Scottish Government and our elected representatives,
 to complain about inadequate structures in place to support  consultation and involvement of Nairn communities  in local development and community planning matters.
We are concerned that in Highland the principles of the Community Empowerment Act ( 2015) are not being effectively implemented, with potentially damaging effects for Nairn when decisions are taken  without local consultation and due consideration of  local  priorities and needs.
You can read this letter here
Local Decisions and Community Empowerment joint letter May18


Agenda for Next Meeting of Nairn River Community Council - Wed 16 May 2018 7pm

Here is the Agenda for the next meeting of Nairn River Community Council to be held in Nairn Community and Arts Centre at 7 pm on Wednesday 16th May
Agenda NRCC 17 May 2018 
You may also be interested in reading the draft minutes of our last meeting
NRCC Draft Minutes 18 April 2018
We have been busy since April - see our next posting to see what we've been up to...
You can find it here
Local consultation and community empowerment