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Agenda for  next meeting of Nairn River Community Council 7.30 Wed 21st February at Nairn Community Centre
NAIRN RIVER COMMUNITY COUNCIL Comhairle Coimhearsnachd Abhainn Narann

ORDINARYMEETING TO BE HELD ON Wednesday 21st February 2018 At Nairn Community & Arts Centre At 7.30pm


Apologies Declarations of interest The rules of declaration of interest are intended to produce transparency in regard to
interests which might influence, or be thought to influence your actions as a Community Councillor. You MUST withdraw from the meeting until discussion of, and voting on,
the relevant item where you have a declarable interest is concluded. You may feel able to state truthfully that an interest would not influence your role
as a Community Councillor in discussion or decision making. Y
ou must, however, always comply with the “objective test” which is
whether a member of the public, with knowledge of the relevant facts,
would reasonably regard the interest as so significant that it is
likely to…