NRCC Meeting 15th of November

Below is the agenda for the upcoming meeting of the Nairn River Community Council....

Comhairle Coimhearsnachd Abhainn Narann

Wednesday 15th November 2017
At Nairn Community & Arts Centre
At 7.30pm


  1. Apologies
  2. Declarations of interest
The rules of declaration of interest are intended to produce transparency in regard to interests which might influence, or be thought to influence your actions as a Community Councillor.
You MUST withdraw from the meeting until discussion of, and voting on, the relevant item where you have a declarable interest is concluded.
You may feel able to state truthfully that an interest would not influence your role as a Community Councillor in discussion or decision making. You must, however, always comply with the objective test” which is whether a member of the public, with knowledge of the relevant facts, would reasonably regard the interest as so significant that it is likely to prejudice your discussion or decision making in your role as Community Councillor. 

  1. Minutes of last meeting held 18th October 2017
  2. Matters Arising from the minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Secretary Correspondence
  5. Celebration Trees
  6. "Smiley Face" speed sign at the Grantown pedestrian crossing & alterations at Balmakeith drive for safer egress
  7. A96 - Nairn Traffic Lights - Proposed Trial
  8. Forres Road Land Updates
  9. Planning Applications
  10. AOCB

  1. Date of next meeting

7.30pm, 20th December, Nairn Community & Arts Centre


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