Nairn Paddling Pool and Play Area

The Highland Council today issued the following press release regarding the Nairn Paddling Pool and Play area, your views can be logged through survey monkey at this address

[Highland Council Press Release]

The popular Paddling Pool at Nairn Links has been used and enjoyed by local people and visitors for many years.  In recent years, though, the service has been disrupted with the pool closed for part of the summer.  Due to its age the structure of the paddling pool has been deteriorating badly and repairs have become more difficult and more expensive.  In 2016 repairs were made which will keep it in operation through this summer and, barring the unforeseen, another two or three years.  For the future beyond that there is a need to make decisions now, and the Nairn Ward Councillors would like to get your views on the best way forward.  
Tom Heggie, the chair of the Nairnshire Committee, says: "We want to revitalise this area of the Links and make sure that it can be a focus for families to enjoy the seafront.  A major question is whether water play should be a central feature of any replacement, and if so whether it should be a traditional paddling pool like we have now or the kind of splash park being installed in many parts of the country.  Alternatively the site could become the centre of an improved play area with a wider range of play equipment aimed at a variety of age groups – perhaps a toddler area within the current fenced area with equipment for older children surrounding it.  Unlike a water play area this would be open all year round."
A short survey has been launched to gather views and we want to know what you - and especially parents and young people - would like to see on the site.  Paper copies of the survey are available at the Nairn Service Point and the Nairn Leisure Centre, or you can access it online from the Leisure Centre website at or its Facebook page  The survey will run through until 8th September.


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