Paddling pool to be repaired for 2016 holiday season

The paddling pool repair for this summer - a Highland Council Press release "The Nairn Ward Councillors considered the options for the Nairn Paddling pool at their Ward meeting on Monday 11th April.

The paddling pool, which is operated by High Life Highland (HLH), the Council’s arms-length charity, has been a popular attraction since it was built over 50 years ago with an expected lifespan of around 25-30 years.

Investigations by HLH considered three options which included repair of the existing paddling pool, its replacement or the complete removal of the facilities.

Speaking about the paddling pool project, Councillor Michael Green, Chair of the Nairnshire Committee said, “The paddling pool is clearly a very popular attraction in the Nairn beach links area. For this reason we were keen to maintain the paddling pool for use by both local residents, as well as visitors. We have therefore instructed the repairs to be undertaken so that the pool is available for this summer season and we understand the works that will be carried out will last for at least three years.

Councillor Green, who is also a board member on High Life Highland went on to say, “In addition, we have asked High Life Highland to consult on behalf of the Council with local groups to carry out a review of the existing paddling pool requirements and seek options for the longer term. We are hopeful this process will gather some good information that will then allow decisions to be taken for the future generations coming to enjoy themselves in this area of Nairn.”


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