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Minutes for November 2015

The minutes for the River CC meeting held in November are available here. They were prepared by outgoing Secretary Stephaine Whittaker.

Thank you and good-bye

The last meeting of the current NRCC was held in November . Please see the Nairnshire Telegraph for the date of the next meeting. Our thanks go to Community Councillors Ian Gordon, Leslie Boulton , Ian Henderson and Stephanie Whittaker who have decided not to stand for election again. We thank them all for their hard work and willingness to help Nairn

Inaugural meeting of new membership - 9th December 2015 in the United Reformed Church Hall 7 pm

Chairing the meeting will be the Highland Council's representative


1) Welcome and apologies

2) Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils in Highland

3) Appointment of Office Bearers

a) Call for nominations for appointment of Chairperson
b) Call for nominations for appointment of Vice Chair
c) Call for nominations for appointment of Secretary
d) Call for nominations for appointment of Treasurer

4) Handover to duly elected Chairperson

5) Set the Date/Time of the next meeting