Crook Road,Nairn

  Residents from Househill Meadow and Househill Gate came to register their concern about the traffic in Crook Road and on the A939. They need action to be taken by Highland Council to reduce danger.
They made the following points:
Heavy traffic is using the road to avoid town congestion.
It is a single track road
Where it decants on the A939 it is a blind bend and the A939 is a 60mph at that point.
Residents are growing older and have  visiting grandchildren and there are also pupils walking to school
The problems have been growing steadily worse in the last 6-7 years There is no pavement and thick vegetation prevents pedestrians leaping for safety and are further impeded by a ditch full of water. Many residents have had pets killed on the road
They ask that Highland Council to reduce the speed limit by to 30mph from the Househill Coffee Shop to the junction of the A939 with the A96 and to reduce heavy traffic on the Crook Road. It was agreed that we would write to HC and PS on their behalf


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