Friday, 14 December 2012

A96 Issues

Received this reply from Transport Scotland after another letter was sent to ask why there had not been much progress on promised work after two day consultations and two newsletters.
Thank you for your letter of 20th May 2013, regarding the various issues you have listed, the majority of which were raised at the two consultation meetings held in Nairn.
Transport Scotland and BEAR, our Operating Company, after discussion, decided it would be more beneficial and efficient if the works, the majority of which involved carriageway markings and amendments to signing were undertaken in one concentrated effort at a specific time and within a specific timescale.
The design work has been completed and BEAR are presently organising for the site works to be included in their current maintenance programme. I have spoken to BEAR recently and I have been assured that the works are currently being programmed and exact dates for their commencement will be forthcoming. Once agreed, I will forward this information in due course.
I must apologise for the delay in the commencement of the works, but what was not made clear at the last meeting in Nairn on 12th December 2012, was that the works would be included in the 2013/14 programme, which commenced in April.

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