Nairn Riverside Environmental Improvement Work

We are delighted to say that our Chair has accessed more funds to complete this work.
An area of wood by the river between the A96 Road Bridge and the Merryton Bridges needed some attention. Despite it being next to a lovely stretch of the river it was not easy to get to.
Some of the people who were using the area had a tendency to misbehave. Meanwhile plans were being made to control and eradicate invasive non-native plants the length of the River Nairn system. There is also a storm overflow pipe discharging grey water into the river. The
Community Council felt it could do something about this and LEADER agreed to fund most of the necessary works.

By the time you read this most of the work on the trees and shrubs will have been done. We have tried to make the area easier to see into by cutting back the scrub by the path and pruning the lower branches off the trees. It should be a bit lighter in there now too. The theory is that if you can see into and through a wood people are less likely to hang out there and get up to no good.

We have also had a go at tackling the Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam. The Knotweed has been sprayed a couple of times this year and the plants adjacent to the river will be injected with herbicide. Knotweed is pretty hard to get rid of and treatment will have to continue for a few years yet. The Himalayan Balsam is another plant that dominates the riverbank to the cost of our native plants. It is something you can pull out of the ground and compost – a greener and more labour-intensive alternative to herbicides which we will try on the site again over the next few years. In time our native plants should return to this area of the riverside.

What else is being done? The Storm Overflow Pipe has been extended and will no longer discharge out into the wooded area. The  interpretive panel by the Merryton Bridge is being erected this week


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