NRCC letter to Nairnshire re pressure on local infrastructure of new housing developments

Letter from NRCC to Nairnshire Telegraph published Tuesday 31 November 2017

On behalf of Nairn River Community Council, weare very concerned about the misleading way that discussions at our meeting last Wednesday 15 Novemberwere reported on thefront page of last week’s Nairnshire ( Tues 22 November 2017).
We wish to clarify our consistent support as a body for provision of appropriate housing in Nairn to meet local need. At no point have we ever as an organisation taken a position against provision of social housing for Nairn. We are thus disappointed to see this suggested on your front page.

Agenda for NRCC Meeting 17th January 2018

Happy New Year!
Find below the Agenda for upcoming Nairn River Community Council meeting on 17th January at Nairn Community Centre 7.30
NRCC Agenda for Meeting 17 January 2018