Agenda for Meeting of Nairn River Community Council 23 January 2019

Here is the Agenda for the next public meeting of Nairn River Community Council to be held at Nairn Community and Arts Centre on Wednesday 23rd January at 7pmAgenda for NRCC 23 Jan 2019
We would particularly welcome local residents interested in putting their names forward for the Community Council elections this November to represent the Nairn River community.
(more information below about what we do)
Here also are the Minutes of our last 2 meetings
Minutes NRCC 21 Nov 2018
Minutes Joint NRCC meeting with WSCC 19 Dec 2018

Community Councils Review by Highland Council 
Highland Council has approved at a special meeting on 16th January 2019 a period of consultation on the  recently published 2018-19 Review of Community Councils Scheme of Establishment
Click on the link here for a summary of the main proposals and changes which affect the 5 Nairn and Nairnshire  Community Councils , which we will be discussing at Wednesday's meeting.

Next Community Council elections - November 2019

Nairn Community Councils joint meeting next Wednesday 19th December 2018 and slides from community presentation for new Highland CEO 14 Dec

Nairn River Community Council will be holding a joint meeting with Nairn West and Suburban Community Council at Nairn Community Centre on Wednesday 19th December from 7pm
This will be primarily a social meeting to review 2018. We will also  feed back on a community visit from Donna Manson the new Highland Chief Executive held last Friday 14 December
At this event around 30 representatives of Nairn  communities shared with Mrs Manson the Nairn perspective on key current issues for local communities and their vision for greater community empowerment and improved collaboration and engagement with Highland Council in the interests of Nairn
Here is the Powerpoint presentation  which was shared with Mrs Manson on 14 December at the Centre
It includes contributions from a wide range of Nairn community organisations and interest groups

Next Nairn River Community Council Meeting - Wednesday 21st November, 7pm Nairn Community and Arts Centre

The next Nairn River CC meeting will be held at the Community and Arts Centre at 7pm  on Wed 21 November 2018
Here is the Agenda  and the Minutes of our last meeting ( Sept 17) 
Main topics discussed were
Highland Councils new rules  on Developer Contributions and the mystery of the 'missing millions' which Highland Council should have collected from developers for the hundreds of homes  built on Nairn Lochloy estate to pay for infrastructure and community facilities, including a planned school and a bridge over the railway.  A recent  Highland Council response to a Freedom of Information request by a local resident records only £271,000  collected  from Lochloy developers since 2000. The school was removed from the Local Plan with no local consultation, and there is still no sign of the promised bridge to Balmakeith
Concerns about how Nairn Common Good Fund is currently managed (with decisions made by the whole Council in Inverness, with our 4 Nairn Councillors well outnumbered…

Next Nairn River CC meeting Wed 19 Sept 7pm at Community and Arts Centre

The next Nairn River CC meeting will be held at the Community and Arts Centre at 7 on Wed 19 Sept
Here is the agenda   and the Minutes of our last meeting in  July 2018
(We had no public meeting in August but you will see that our members have been very busy)
You will also notice a new look 'timed' agenda.

In light of this year's 60% operational funding cut from Highland Council) we aim to

better coordinate our growing workload  with other Nairnshire Community Councils make more use of our webpage and other channels to share information with local residentshold fewer meetings  but improve focus  on key topics of concern to Nairn River residents  where community involvement can make a real difference for Nairn 

Other reading material relating to Wednesday's agenda and recent CC activities is below
There is a lot of information here but we'd encourage all Nairn residents to inform themselves  on current and proposed developments for the town and to get involved so tha…

Links Development - Nairn community groups seek to collaborate with HIghland Council

The two Nairn  'town' Community Councils ( Nairn River CC and Suburban and West CC)
have written to Nairn Councillors and the Ward Manager this week to urge a joined up approach to the future development and improvement of the Links and seafront area. Our letter is here Links Development Nairn CCs letter to Council re working together
In June 2018 a  Nairn Links Scoping Report written by Council officers and an Options Appraisal and Consultation commissioned by the Council on the paddling pool area , were tabled at Highland Council's Nairnshire Committee Nairn Links Scoping Report Highland Council 13 June 2018
At the Nairn Games on 18th August the Council hosted a 'public consultation' stall based on its own reports above to inform a new plan for the Links area.  This  stall was staffed by Nairn's Highland Councillors and the Ward Manager. It did not involve Community Councils or include the ideas and vision of any local community led enterprises such as Team Ham…

Donate to civic events and win hot local tickets for September!

We are fundraising  to set up a small civic grants fund  for Nairn River Community Council to use to help out local organisations who do good for Nairn.
We are having to do this as our own Highland Council grant was cut this year by 60% and we can no longer give small donations as we have in the past to help fund civic events such as Nairn Games and Xmas lights switch on.
We are trying a new way to do this through crowdfunding and  if you donate a few pounds you also have a chance to win valuable tickets to 2 ( already sold out) local events  -
the legendary Monster Music Bash ( an evening of vintage Nairn rock n blues ) on 15 Sept at the British Legion, 
and for the kids 2 under 18 tickets to see Chris Packham, naturalist and  TV presenter at the Community Centre on Sunday 16th Sept ( part of Nairn Book and Arts Festival)
The JustGiving weblink is here (  sorry link was no working for a couple of days due to technical hitch. All OK now. )
Nairn Civic Events Crowdfunder ( plus free ti…