Friday, 27 November 2015

Thank you and good-bye

The last meeting of the current NRCC was held in November . Please see the Nairnshire Telegraph for the date of the next meeting. Our thanks go to Community Councillors Ian Gordon, Leslie Boulton , Ian Henderson and Stephanie Whittaker who have decided not to stand for election again. We thank them all for their hard work and willingness to help Nairn

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Inaugural meeting of new membership - 9th December 2015 in the United Reformed Church Hall 7 pm

Chairing the meeting will be the Highland Council's representative


1) Welcome and apologies

2) Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils in Highland

3) Appointment of Office Bearers

a) Call for nominations for appointment of Chairperson
b) Call for nominations for appointment of Vice Chair
c) Call for nominations for appointment of Secretary
d) Call for nominations for appointment of Treasurer

4) Handover to duly elected Chairperson

5) Set the Date/Time of the next meeting

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Nairn River Enterprise

Nairn River Enterprise( Social Enterprise Project)
The original decision to establish the project was :
To set up a steering group to apply for pump priming funding to prepare a business plan for developing a Social Enterprise and to secure further funding (12/3/14)
Establish the Social Enterprise to provide routes to employment through re-use, riverside regeneration and ground maintenance work (9/7/14)
Recruit a consultant with HC Deprived Area Fund funding in order to take this work forward and negotiate terms for a CCF (Community Challenge Fund) transfer of Grounds Maintenance works (9/7/14)
The plan has been delivered, including the preparation of a fundraising strategy and resource pack, save for the following tasks:
Establish the Social Enterprise legal entity
Applications for funds for the Enterprise budget
HC has expressed satisfaction at the way in which the first £5,000 of DAF funding has been used. Bob Mackinnon met with NRCC members on 20th August and agreed that it is now important to test the extent of public support for the project by taking forward efforts to set up Nairn River Enterprise as a Company limited by guarantee.
Once this is achieved, Bob proposes to agree with NRCC the most appropriate way in which the second DAF grant of £5,000 might be used to support the enterprise. For the meantime, he asks NRCC to continue to hold this money (email confirmation from Bob Mackinnon).
It is proposed that NRCC do the following to conclude its direct responsibilities for Nairn River Enterprise:
Promote the public meeting to be held at the Community Centre (and meet the booking cost) at 7 pm on 24th September inviting interested individuals in the NRCC area, Moss-side and Achareidh to attend and learn how they can support the enterprise.
Promote “pop-in” sessions to be held at no cost in the Courthouse on 8th (11 am to 2 pm) and 13th October (1 to 4 pm)
Set aside £300 to contribute to a starting budget for the Enterprise once established.
This was discussed and the following points made:
It was stressed that clear information about NRE must be given if it is to succeed .
It was clarified that the recycling project should really be called “Reuse”
It was stressed that this Social Enterprise is intended to foster work placement not to take existing jobs.
There are four other projects working on Nairn River side and NRE would work with them and hope to provide a framework.
It was agreed that SN would supervise all publicity which would be sent out within the next week. It is crucial that Nairn knows want is involved.
 It was agreed NRCC would meet the booking cost for the meeting on 24/9 and give £300 as a starting budget.

Would you like to be a Community Councillor? Can you help Nairn?

Nomination Papers for the upcoming Community Council elections are now available on the Highland Council website:

Please note that the nomination period is open from Tuesday 22nd September until Tuesday 6th October at 4pm Tuesday 17 November: Existing Community Councils dissolve at 23:59 elections the following day.

Crook Road,Nairn

  Residents from Househill Meadow and Househill Gate came to register their concern about the traffic in Crook Road and on the A939. They need action to be taken by Highland Council to reduce danger.
They made the following points:
Heavy traffic is using the road to avoid town congestion.
It is a single track road
Where it decants on the A939 it is a blind bend and the A939 is a 60mph at that point.
Residents are growing older and have  visiting grandchildren and there are also pupils walking to school
The problems have been growing steadily worse in the last 6-7 years There is no pavement and thick vegetation prevents pedestrians leaping for safety and are further impeded by a ditch full of water. Many residents have had pets killed on the road
They ask that Highland Council to reduce the speed limit by to 30mph from the Househill Coffee Shop to the junction of the A939 with the A96 and to reduce heavy traffic on the Crook Road. It was agreed that we would write to HC and PS on their behalf

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Next Meeting

Please note our next meeting will be on 14th October in NURC Hall at 7.30 p.m All welcome

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bus timetable change

Received recorded letter from Stagecoach giving notice of the cancellation of the bus between Ardersier and Nairn from 25 th May. It will run from Inverness to Ardersier and will continue to run a bus for commuters from Nairn Bus station at 1703. They also sent information about dial-a-bus. This goes from Monday to Saturday   from 0800 to 1730, It covers all public roads in Nairnshire and to and fro Ardersier and Croy  except from routes covered by the 10,11 and 35 along the A96 corridor and may be booked on 01667 456066